• Prenuptial Agreements

    Prepared by Licensed Attorneys

    • Protect Assets and Inheritances
    • Determine Future Obligations
    • Keep Debts Separate

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We are NOT a "document preparation website" — we have an actual attorney in each state working on every prenuptial agreement that we produce. Our prenuptial agreement service helps guarantee that you, not the courts, decide on debt and asset division.

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  • $699, all inclusive
  • Prepared by a licensed attorney in your state
  • Within 48 hours
  • One easy, online form
  • Hiring a Law Firm
  • up to $5,000
  • Prepared by a licensed attorney in your state
  • Typically 2-4 weeks
  • Multiple office visits & lengthy paperwork
  • Document Prep Websites
  • $300-$1,200, plus hidden fees
  • No individual attorney input
  • Between 24 - 72 hours
  • Multiple forms and confusing packages

PrenupCounsel's Customer Comments

My fiancée and I are relieved to put financial issues behind us.Lindsay P., Chicago, IL
Thanks for the fast prenuptial agreement turnaround.Susan W., San Diego, CA
Great service — Having actual attorneys do our prenup reassured me.Benjamin L., Stamford, CT
Major savings in legal fees and costs with your service. Thanks.James W., New York, NY

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